Terms and Conditions

1xBet Canada reserves the right to modify the maximum limits of bets and odds or to increase them as necessary. Bets are accepted up to the available balance in your account. When you place a bet, the relevant amount is deducted from your account. After the outcome of the bet is determined, any winnings are then credited back to your account.

Types of Bets

1xBet Canada offers a variety of betting options to cater to different preferences:

  1. Single Bet: This is a wager on a specific outcome of an event. The payout is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds set for that outcome.
  2. Express Bet: Also known as a parlay, this involves betting on multiple independent outcomes of events. The total winnings are the product of the stake and the odds of all included outcomes. If any outcome in the express bet loses, the entire bet is lost.
  3. System Bet: This is a wager on a full combination of expresses of a certain size from a predetermined number of events. The system can include up to 20 events and offers up to 184,756 different combinations.
  4. Chain Bet: A series of single bets on independent events. The stake for each single bet is equal to the total stake of the chain. Participants can determine the order of the bets in the chain and initially bet only on the first event.
  5. Trust Bet: These are offered based on the potential winnings of unsettled bets. 1xBet reserves the right to offer or refuse these bets at their discretion.
  6. Promo Code Bet: A type of bonus bet offered individually at the discretion of the bookmaker. Promo codes can be received via SMS or through a message in the user’s account, with specific terms and conditions.
  7. Multibet: A system of bets composed of expresses or singles, which can include a Lobby outcome that influences the overall win of the multibet. This outcome can be either a single or an express.
  8. Conditional Bet: A combination of singles or expresses consisting of independent events.
  9. Anti-Express: Opposite of an express bet, it wins if the corresponding express loses. This bet includes two or more outcomes on independent events and wins if at least one of the outcomes loses.
  10. Lucky: A combination of singles and all possible expresses from selected events, with a minimum of two events and a maximum of eight.
  11. Patent: Consists of all possible expresses from selected events, with a minimum of three and a maximum of eight events. To receive a payout, at least one of the selections must win, i.e., at least two outcomes must occur.

These diverse betting options enhance the betting experience by providing various ways to structure bets, addressing different risk tolerances and strategies.

Match Results, Dates, and Start Times

1xBet Canada is not responsible for inaccuracies in championship names or match durations. The information provided in lines and live games is approximate. Clients should use independent sources of information to clarify details related to the sports event.

If a client places a bet on an event for which the outcome is already known, that bet will be canceled. In such cases, a decision will only be made after a specific closed investigation. All actions concerning such a bet will be suspended in a timely manner.

Changing Conditions

The company reserves the right to make changes to the website at any time and without notice to clients.

Right to Request

In some jurisdictions, online gambling is prohibited by law. By accepting the Agreement, the client must understand that the company cannot provide any guarantees or legal advice regarding the legality of using the site in any jurisdiction where the client is located.

We do not claim that the site’s services do not violate any laws of the client’s jurisdiction. We neither seek nor intend to provide services that are illegal in your jurisdiction. By accepting the Agreement, you acknowledge and guarantee that your use of 1xBet complies with the laws and regulations in effect in your jurisdiction. We will not be responsible for any illegal use of the site’s services.

Opening an Account

To access all the basic services of the website, it is necessary to open an account. This can be done via “one-click” registration or by entering your email address and creating a password, which will later be used to log in, along with additional personal data such as name, phone number, and date of birth.

To confirm the authenticity of the information, we have the right to request documents verifying identity. If you are unable to provide the required documents for any reason, we have the right to suspend or block your account until you provide the necessary information.

You confirm that when registering on the site, you provide complete and accurate information about yourself and are obligated to update it immediately in your profile if there are any changes.

Your Identity: The name on your registration must match the name on the credit card or other payment accounts used to deposit or withdraw money from/to your account balance. To verify your identity, we may request the following documents at any time:

You authorize us to conduct any inquiries about you and to use and disclose to any third party any information about you to verify it.

Username, Password, and Security

After opening an account, you must keep your password and username confidential and not disclose these details to third parties. In case of loss of data required to access the account, it can be recovered or restored by clicking the “Restore password” button. If necessary, you must provide us with proof that unauthorized access has occurred.

Deposits & Withdrawals

You agree that all money deposited to the betting account has not been obtained through illegal or prohibited means; You will not refuse any transaction made, nor deny or reverse any payment made that could result in refunds to third parties and allow them to avoid legal liability; We do not accept funds from third parties: friends, relatives, or partners. You are obliged to pay money only from your account, your bank card, or the registered system in your name. If this condition is violated, all winnings may be confiscated;

If you request a bank transfer to return the funds to their legal owner, all costs and fees are the responsibility of the recipient; You agree not to refuse, cancel, or terminate any transaction involving your account. Additionally, in each case, you must reimburse or compensate us as required.

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